What to Do When You’re Lost

No, not physically lost, mentally lost. How do we get back on the railroad track that takes us away from the bumpy past?

Here is the thing. In order to be lost, you need to recognize it. Don’t lie to yourself. You won’t be able to fix something unless you realize it is broken. Once you have acknowledged the issue, we now face a fork in the road.

Teens can get lost for many reasons. The pressure from overcoming family problems to insecurities and high expectations, we often feel like we can’t get around it. However, there is a way of getting past the problem instead of going into it. Naturally, the human brain looks for ways to get around obstacles, but they are not always the most reliable. For example, people look to drugs, alcohol, or even self-harm as a way of “distraction” from their issues, but they don’t realize that they are just making more problems for themselves. So let’s say we have already gone down this road, we have gotten ourselves into a deep mess, so how do we get out?

1. Ask Smart Questions

People often make the mistake of thinking they have everything figured out. The more certain you are about reality, the vague your understanding really is. This is almost always true.

If your life isn’t where you want it to be, it should be evident that you don’t have access to the right information. Search for it. Ask questions. They won’t just come to you, so think. Thinking gives you answers, and if you want answers, look for them.

2. Take Some Form of Action

Of course, you can’t just think your way to success, you need to act upon it.

I always tell people the same thing through writing. I can’t make you do anything. No one can. Though it is a cliche, at some point, you will have to dig yourself out of what you went into. Here’s as close as I can get you. You just have to find a way to get all riled up in your mind. Just tell yourself, “Screw it. I’m doing this”. It’s not enough to know you can do it, you actually have to do it. Pump up your emotional state and get it to the point where you will finally initiate change.

“Brainwashing” yourself with positive quotes and encouragement is enough to get you inches in front of the door. You still have to open it, though.

Once you become a do-er instead of a motivated watcher, your momentum will carry you through life. You won’t have to “get motivated” anymore, you’ll be motivated by default.

Of course, you’ll never get there until you start. So start! It doesn’t even matter what you do at first, but you need to slowly step back and understand the painting you are creating. Is this the direction you want your life to take?

Learn where you stand now, and where you wish to be in the future. With effort, life will carry you there. Ask questions and work to answer them. Get started and create momentum.

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