The Battle With Anxiety

Often times, being a teenager can feel like you’re fighting everybody, when what you are really fighting is yourself. It’s exhausting!

Anxiety disorders are a serious matter. 60% of children with anxiety disorders and clinical depression go undiagnosed. Perhaps it’s because we’re scared to talk to people, or that people are too scared to listen.

Now, I’m not trying to scare you. As teenagers, we go through phases. Rebellious phases, goth phases or just plain phases of anxiety or depression. These phases are usually harmless; it’s just your body trying to figure out who you are.

How do we tell the difference between a phase of anxiety and an anxiety disorder?

It’s like watching a scary movie with a little kid. After watching the movie, maybe the kid would be scared and refuse to sleep. Maybe they would be nervous to go to their room. After the phase of anxiety, the child would forget the movie and continue to be their happy, lively self. If it were an anxiety disorder, the kid would have repetitive nightmares, they would have a constant fear of everything around them. They would always be noticeably nervous.

How can you help yourself?

Note: these methods will only help, so long as your anxiety is mild. These remedies will soothe you, but not necessarily cure you. If you feel troubled constantly, please, go see a doctor.

Stay active: If you’re an outdoorsy person, go on a hike, hit the gym! Take up a sport! Take your mind off of everything for a while. Stop overthinking!

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee: No more of that! Try to reduce your caffeine intake. Drink caffeine-free tea, water, fresh fruit juice. Switch to healthier options!

Meditate: Try to sit in one place, close your eyes and think about nothing. Think about calmness and peace. Don’t bother about your school, or relationships, or school relationships. Let it go.

Read a little, take a walk, a relaxing bath. BREATHE. Whatever you need to do.


– XOXO Sarah

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