You’re Not Alone is a youth-led organization that aims to empower, amplify, and develop the voice of teens in the United States and beyond. We aim to raise awareness for mental health stigma through art, writing, and other forms of creative expression.

You’re Not Alone seeks to connect youth with others who share the same struggles. The COVID-19 pandemic caused many youths’ mental health to decline; thus, we aim to create an outlet discussing mental health-related topics that are swept under the rug.

Our Team


Gia Shin

Gia (she/her) is a 16-year-old high schooler from NJ who enjoys learning about why we are the way we are. She likes to explore her Asian American identity through writing personal memoirs and journaling. Aside from writing, Gia enjoys playing the violin and dancing K-Pop. Through this initiative, she hopes to shed light on the stigmas surrounding mental health and spread the message to her friends that they’re not alone.


Amy (she/her) is a high school sophomore from the Seattle area. Aside from enjoying music and writing, she hopes to spread awareness about mental health and make communities a safer place to be through YNA.

Ashley Park
Blog Writer

Ashley (she/her) is a 15 year-old from New Jersey who is currently struggling in math. Other than her failed attempts to understand parallelograms, she spends her time exploring the hidden and not-so-hidden racism in America through books, articles, and her own experiences. She also loves listening to Spotify and watching Netflix with her dog, Teddy, and contemplating whether or not to walk him before inevitably deciding not to. Channeling her spontaneous bursts of energy into the blogs she writes, her goal is to encourage anyone and everyone to step out of their comfort zone and to remind them that even though they may be going through hard times, they are by no means alone. ❤

Audrey Cha

Audrey Cha (she/her) is a 17-year-old high schooler from New Jersey who is deeply committed in advocacy and awareness work. She loves working with the non-profit organizations You’re Not Alone, F.A.R.E, Asian American Youth Council, and Family Touch, where she can give back to the community. For hobbies, Audrey enjoys playing the violin, dancing, crafting, and working on her All About Allergies service project. Audrey has strong leadership skills and experiences which she contributes to You’re Not Alone as a member of its Executive Board. She hopes that she can help teens to feel more supported and loved through this organization.

Christine Chen

Christine (she/they) is 19 and an incoming freshman at Princeton. They live in Shanghai, China, although they go to school in the US. They joined YNA in hopes to further my advocacy work to raise awareness and provide a safe space for teens, just as they’ve been an ally and advocate for Climate Justice, racial justice, and LGBTQ+ rights. Besides working for YNA, she is also a writer with two published pieces in Dogwood and Bellevue, as well as a handful of works recognized in the National Scholastics Arts and Writing Awards. In her free time, she loves to read, sing, go on nature walks and runs; she is also an avid thespian.

Iris Hur

Iris Hur (she/her) is a current sophomore at the Bergen County Academies. Through her years on social media, she has developed the understanding that mental health is a top priority. She joined the You’re Not Alone team to be surrounded by other teenagers who also want to enact change and create a positive influence within the community. Iris also is a huge music nerd and has been playing the viola for 8 years. She hopes to remind other teenagers to prioritize their mental health and keep in mind that they are never, ever alone in their struggles.

Lina Kim

Residing in New Jersey, Lina (she/her) is currently a high school student who is interested in the welfare of humans, animals, and the environment. She likes using her creativity to make art and write fiction. During her spare time, she enjoys playing volleyball, listening to music, and exploring new worlds through anime, webtoons, and novels. By joining YNA, Lina hopes to play an active role in spreading mental health awareness, as well as grow as a person herself, along the way.

Tracey Liu

Tracey (she/her) is a 16 year – old high schooler from IL who spends her time with her nose in a book. She likes to spend her time catching up on the news, as well as reading biographies and thrillers. Aside from reading, Tracey enjoys jamming out to passive aggressive playlists that she has created, and also journaling. By joining this organization, she hopes to empower other teens in spreading awareness for mental health as well as reminding them that they matter.


Athena Teoh
Blog Writer

Athena (she/her) is a 17 year old high-school graduate from Malaysia. She enjoys writing poetry and playing guitar, as well as producing music. Besides art, she is also very interested in sports and keeping fit. She joined You’re Not Alone to lend a helping hand for teenagers with mental health struggles.

Daniel Kim
Blog Writer

Daniel Kim is a 18 year old rising college freshman at Stevens Institute of Technology. He uses he/him pronouns and is Texas raised California Born. His hobbies include reading, beatboxing, and absolutely shredding his guitar. Daniel joined YNA due to his passion towards student mental health and wanting to bring awareness to its intricacies. A fun fact about him is that he remembers his dream every night.

Flori Che
Blog Editor

Flori (she/her) is a Vietnamese-American 16-year-old from Chicago who spends most of her time reading, writing, and watching YouTube. Her favorite types of pieces to write are short fiction and prose poems. She joined YNA with the hopes of providing a platform that would voice the personal struggles of teens like herself.

Sahana Govind
Blog Writer

Sahana (she/her) loves to read all kinds of books, but fantasy captivates her the most. Her hobbies include writing fiction and watching shows in her free time. She joined YNA because she has an insatiable desire to learn and hopes to build her vocabulary and knowledge by writing as much as she can.


Graphic Designers

Clara Lee

Clara (she/her) is a freshman from NJ who is a passionate mental health activist. Some of her hobbies include playing tennis and enjoys going out with her friends. Although she is very active and passionate about her work, she loves to be lazy sometimes and sit on her bed watching Netflix. She is passionate about spreading mental health awareness through graphic design and other art mediums. As someone who deals with anxiety she hopes to spread more awareness on the subject and connect to teens who also struggle.

Ingrid Shen

Ingrid(she/her) is a 17-year-old high schooler from Taiwan, and enjoys drawing and reading in her free time. She hopes that she can help spread awareness of mental health by being a part of the team.


Ratna (she/her) is a business mathematics student at Prasetiya Mulya University from Bali Indonesia. Since she comes from painter family, she loves watercolor painting and currently explore digital painting. As an introvert who always blends with the background, she decided to be a part of YNA because she wants to grow personally, make new friends, and spreading mental health awareness with YNA Team. One fact about her is Stoicism philosophy help her cope with insecurity.

Valerie Kuek

Valerie (she/her) is 16 this year. She is a Malaysian Chinese. She loves to do creative journaling and crafts considered grandma-ish such as knitting, crocheting and sewing. She is currently learning how to make clothes and aspire to open a lil store soon. Her drink-to-go is a good cup of iced matcha. She decided to join YNA because she thinks mental health is not given enough attention in the society we live in.


Andrea Orozco

Andrea (she/her) is a freelance artist from Los Angeles who enjoys connecting with others through art. She also loves to share her Mexican heritage with the community by dancing ballet folklorico. Aside from battling art block, Andrea enjoys practicing piano and animating shorts in her free time. Through YNA, she hopes to bring comfort to anyone who sees her art and, ultimately, shed light to the imperative issue that is teens’ mental health.

Haniah Adibah

Hani is a college student from Jakarta, Indonesia. Her strength in this field lies in illustration, graphic design, and visual branding. She considers herself as a person who is constantly inquisitive towards new experiences while learning new skills at every opportunity. By joining YNA, she wants to help teenagers across the world to feel supported and help fight the negative stigma surrounding mental health through creative mediums!


Qing (she/her), a 17 y/o high schooler from KL, Malaysia who is passionate towards illustrating and creating fine art. She enjoys listening to music, reading books and studying artworks. Other than that, she secretly hopes to one day leave a mark on this world. Qing looks forward to working together with the members of YNA to contribute to the universal movement in removing stigma and fight discrimination surrounding mental illness internationally.

Social Media Managers

Esther Park

Esther (she/her) is a current high school student from NJ who enjoys learning about current events. Some of the topics she’s currently exploring are race and gender theory as well as drug policies. The motive behind YNA inspired Esther to join because she feels that discussions about mental health are necessary and should not be stigmatized. In her free time, she enjoys watching Studio Ghibli films and listening to music.


Riyya is a 16 year old high school student from Malaysia. Riyya enjoys watching true crime documentaries and scroll through Pinterest in her free time. She wants to major in Performing Arts and her ultimate goal is to become an actress! Riyya hopes by joining YNA she can not only experience new things but also overcome her social anxiety + make new friends.

Website Managers

Aimee T.

Aimee (she/her), also known as Aim, is a homeschooler from Indonesia who writes her own music and volunteers at her local church community. Aside from music, Aim enjoys writing fiction, cooking, gardening, and gaming in her spare time. Aim joined YNA because she understands what it was like to be lonely, and she hopes that her artistic creations and her contribution to YNA will help others who might experience the same situations she used to be in.

Serena Sang

Serena (she/her) is a 16-year-old student from Canada who loves reading and coding! She likes to listen to music, and play Minecraft when she has the time. With the help of YNA, she hopes to bring more positivity online! She believes mental health is a topic that everyone should be comfortable talking about. Serena seeks to raise awareness about destigmatizing mental health with the help of YNA! ❤

GuGz Podcast Team

Immanuella Indradjaja

Immanuella (she/her) is a 16-year-old high schooler from Indonesia. She loves trying and exploring new things from writing to violin, dancing, acting and Taekwondo! Upon joining YNA, Immanuella has embarked in many eye-opening, unfiltered conversations regarding mental health with teenagers like herself. Needless to say, the journey in fully destigmatizing mental health is still long and far, but she hope that through YNA, she could play a role in the move towards a greater future for teens.

Kayla Cheng

Kayla (she/her) is a fifteen year old student serving as one of the co-hosts and members of the YNA podcast team. She likes indulging in her artistic side and tries to incorporate it with her surrounding interests in mental health and the sciences. She hopes to use the podcast platform to slowly decimate mental health stigma through using her voice. In her free time she likes to take naps or go on walks with her tortoise.

Merch Designer

Kayley Vu

Kayley (she/her) is a 17-year-old high schooler from Texas who practices UI/UX, branding, and product design in her spare time. She enjoys piano music composition, digital and traditional illustration, reading, and networking with different people. Deeply interested in public healthcare economics and systems, she means to completely understand all health aspects, especially mental health and wellbeing, in order to help revolutionize the industry for the better through product design and health management work. Besides working for YNA, she is the Head of Design for CASH Club Corp. (a youth initiative that educated young students about investing) and is the Creative Director of the Hope Squad (a peer-nominated and teacher recommended suicide prevention training class) at her school.