The Battle With Anxiety

Often times, being a teenager can feel like you’re fighting everybody, when what you are really fighting is yourself. It’s exhausting! Anxiety disorders are a serious matter. 60% of children with anxiety disorders and clinical depression go undiagnosed. Perhaps it’s because we’re scared to talk to people, or that people are too scared to listen.Continue reading “The Battle With Anxiety”

What to Do When You’re Lost

No, not physically lost, mentally lost. How do we get back on the railroad track that takes us away from the bumpy past? Here is the thing. In order to be lost, you need to recognize it. Don’t lie to yourself. You won’t be able to fix something unless you realize it is broken. OnceContinue reading “What to Do When You’re Lost”

Learning to Love Yourself: 4 Ways to Discover Self-Worth

Let’s face it. So many teenagers are struggling with self-acceptance: 78% of girls in America are unhappy about their bodies by the time they reach 17, according to the Park Nicollet Melrose Center. That’s an incredible number. When we’re caught up in comparing our bodies to others, our worth to others, it’s hard to findContinue reading “Learning to Love Yourself: 4 Ways to Discover Self-Worth”

How to Fight Against Insecurity

We’ve all had moments where we felt like we weren’t good enough. Especially as teenagers growing up in a modern world, resisting the urge to compare ourselves to others has become a major challenge. When people around us are sharing all about their latest achievements and posting pictures with their perfectly content family, is itContinue reading “How to Fight Against Insecurity”

Self-Improvement for Beginners

When you think of the word ‘self-improvement’, the first images that may pop up in your head are deep breathing exercises, bullet journals, and yoga. Maybe it makes you think of a perfect morning routine with a cold glass of water and a 15 minute jog outside at 5:30. However, this does not work forContinue reading “Self-Improvement for Beginners”

5 Simple Ways to Change Your Life for 2020

As the year of 2019 comes to an end and you begin to prepare for the next year, you may be looking forward to implementing new goals and resolutions. Here are five simple ways you can change your lifestyle for the better. 1. Prioritize exercise & implement healthier food choices Instead of turning to fastContinue reading “5 Simple Ways to Change Your Life for 2020”