A “Fire” Sonnet I Wrote Over FaceTime With You

If I could gaze at stars from me to you, The ones in your eyes would still shine brightest. You quench my throbbing heart like none can do; My tempests do not affect you in the slightest. If I could rub two stones together like A child, turning friction to combustion, I would burn aContinue reading “A “Fire” Sonnet I Wrote Over FaceTime With You”

New Year, New You: How to Be the Best Version of Yourself in 2021

2020 has undoubtedly been a chaotic year for all of us. To be the best version of yourself in 2021, You’re Not Alone will initiate its “New Year, New Me” campaign from December 31 to January 4. These resources are to help you reach the best and most productive year yet. First, allow me toContinue reading “New Year, New You: How to Be the Best Version of Yourself in 2021”

Stop Zooming: Preventing Online Burnout

Updated: Jan 1 My after school routine usually looks something like this: 1) Inhale my lunch. 2) Take a nap until I’m ready to 3) get to work. 4) Feel unmotivated; time to take another break. 5) It’s past dinner and I still haven’t done any work, it’s about time I get started. 6) Stay upContinue reading “Stop Zooming: Preventing Online Burnout”

Learning to Learn: An Interview With a Dyslexic

Updated: Jun 24, 2020 What is dyslexia? Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects reading. It’s very difficult to read and write with dyslexia because you’re more of a visual learner. It’s harder to take your thoughts and put them into words and sentences and vise-versa: taking those sentences, reading them, and putting them together isContinue reading “Learning to Learn: An Interview With a Dyslexic”

Why Do I Feel Like I Never Measure Up?

Have you ever received praise you don’t think you deserved? I have always felt this way about my writing. Though I receive compliments about my work, I can never seem to accept them. In fact, when compliments wear off, they make me feel even worse than I already am. I feel like I’m held toContinue reading “Why Do I Feel Like I Never Measure Up?”

Maintaining Mental Health While Quarantined

This coronavirus pandemic is stressful for many of us. We are living in a time that is chaotic and dangerous, whether we are affected directly or indirectly. In this time of distress, we often forget what really matters to us. This is a situation that is impacting not only every person on the planet butContinue reading “Maintaining Mental Health While Quarantined”

Learning to Love Yourself: 4 Ways to Discover Self-Worth

Let’s face it. So many teenagers are struggling with self-acceptance: 78% of girls in America are unhappy about their bodies by the time they reach 17, according to the Park Nicollet Melrose Center. That’s an incredible number. When we’re caught up in comparing our bodies to others, our worth to others, it’s hard to findContinue reading “Learning to Love Yourself: 4 Ways to Discover Self-Worth”

How to Fight Against Insecurity

We’ve all had moments where we felt like we weren’t good enough. Especially as teenagers growing up in a modern world, resisting the urge to compare ourselves to others has become a major challenge. When people around us are sharing all about their latest achievements and posting pictures with their perfectly content family, is itContinue reading “How to Fight Against Insecurity”

Self-Improvement for Beginners

When you think of the word ‘self-improvement’, the first images that may pop up in your head are deep breathing exercises, bullet journals, and yoga. Maybe it makes you think of a perfect morning routine with a cold glass of water and a 15 minute jog outside at 5:30. However, this does not work forContinue reading “Self-Improvement for Beginners”