Positive Things That Happened in 2020

I think we can all agree that 2020 was undoubtedly a chaotic year, and we all just want to forget about it. This is especially because we are still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, which makes it difficult to think of anything good that happened last year. However, though it may not seem like it,Continue reading “Positive Things That Happened in 2020”

50 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2021

Keep a Mental Health Journal. Volunteer. Start eating breakfast. Shut off your screen 30 mins before you sleep and read a book. Set a regular exercise routine. Keep your workspace tidy. Maintain a healthy diet. Find a new hobby. Promise yourself an incentive to finish work so you won’t procrastinate. Combat your stress with quickContinue reading “50 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2021”

The Symptoms and Treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder: SAD Part 1

Updated: Jan 1 Cold, dark, gloomy… If you’re like me, these are words you would use to describe winter. But no matter how much you hate the season, it probably doesn’t affect your mood significantly—that is, unless you have Seasonal Affective Disorder. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a disorder that affects one’s moods according to theContinue reading “The Symptoms and Treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder: SAD Part 1”

The Symptoms and Treatment for ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

“Living with ADHD is like being locked in a room with 100 Televisions and 100 Radios all playing. None of them have power buttons so you can turn them off, and the door is locked from the outside.” – Sarah Young ————————————————————————— Contrary to popular belief, ADHD is a real mental disorder, and it isContinue reading “The Symptoms and Treatment for ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)”

Yoga and Its Effects on Mental Health

Recently, I watched a video on the effects of an ancient Indian practice: yoga. The video talked about the physical health benefits of yoga, such as improved flexibility and muscle strength. Yoga is widely known for its positive effects on physical health, but did you know that it also has an incredible impact on mentalContinue reading “Yoga and Its Effects on Mental Health”

On Toxic Positivity

Toxic positivity. The phrase seems contradictory at first. How can positivity be toxic? Isn’t “positivity” just being cheerful, smiling no matter what, and looking at the silver lining in every situation? As a matter of fact, it isn’t. The word “positive” is defined as “full of hope and confidence, or giving cause for hope andContinue reading “On Toxic Positivity”

Everything You Need To Know About Insecurities

Especially in our teenage years, we all have something to feel insecure about. Looks and grades are just the tips of the iceberg. So, why is it that we are insecure? Are insecurities always a sign of low self-worth? First, what are insecurities, and where do they start? In simple words, insecurity is a lackContinue reading “Everything You Need To Know About Insecurities”