A “Fire” Sonnet I Wrote Over FaceTime With You

If I could gaze at stars from me to you, The ones in your eyes would still shine brightest. You quench my throbbing heart like none can do; My tempests do not affect you in the slightest. If I could rub two stones together like A child, turning friction to combustion, I would burn aContinue reading “A “Fire” Sonnet I Wrote Over FaceTime With You”

Mr. Too Much and Miss Not Enough

Once upon a time, there was a ship shared by two friends. Well, they live together and they tolerate each other most of the time. To protect their privacy, let’s call them Mr. Too Much and Miss Not Enough. The ship’s name is Tini. Mr. Too Much lives in the galley of the ship; heContinue reading “Mr. Too Much and Miss Not Enough”

If I Die Young

*This poem is dedicated to Suicide Prevention Month (which is September). If you’re struggling, please don’t be afraid to seek help. Remember that you’re not alone and we love you!* If I Die Young You would have found me like this: gently laid on my side under my purple floral covers in my best pajamas—pinkContinue reading “If I Die Young”

ready, smile

I parade around behind my filter put a smile on my foreign face handpick my perceived personality add a touch of constant confidence to cover the lurking self-consciousness lengthen my success like model legs slim down my mistakes like tiny waists lift my past that’s been holding me back smooth anxiety like premature wrinkles eraseContinue reading “ready, smile”

10 Things I Love About My Mind/Brain

Updated: Jul 20, 2020 1. I can always count on it to be there for me. Except for that time I forgot that I left my passport with my counselor, who kept it in the safe, and walked out of camp without my passport. I was on my way to Canada for vacation with my family,Continue reading “10 Things I Love About My Mind/Brain”

Darkness is All-Consuming

3/20/20: Today, I felt as if my emotions were swirling around inside of me, wreaking havoc around my insides. I couldn’t control them, and they destroyed everything. Even my happiness.  I’m not sure where these feelings came from. Perhaps it is the constant pressures of society that continue to plague my dreams. Perhaps it isContinue reading “Darkness is All-Consuming”