A “Fire” Sonnet I Wrote Over FaceTime With You

If I could gaze at stars from me to you, The ones in your eyes would still shine brightest. You quench my throbbing heart like none can do; My tempests do not affect you in the slightest. If I could rub two stones together like A child, turning friction to combustion, I would burn aContinue reading “A “Fire” Sonnet I Wrote Over FaceTime With You”

All About Love Languages

How do you show love? Are you more physical and direct, or do you appreciate indirect love like random acts of kindness here and there? What do you need or think you will need from a partner? These ideas can be categorized through love languages, which are different ways of expressing and receiving love. EvenContinue reading “All About Love Languages”

Self-Love? Let’s talk about it!

Everything started from these apps that help create new habits. It was formed as a challenge that you could do daily to develop a good mentality. It was fun and easy to use, so I decided to take up multiple challenges! One day, with Confident as the theme, I click on them. I simply wantedContinue reading “Self-Love? Let’s talk about it!”

How To Positively Reframe Your Mind

New Year’s Resolutions can sometimes be corny, but they can also be a great way for a fresh start. Changing your mindset about life will not happen in an instant, but you have to start somewhere! You can positively reframe your mind this year in a few simple ways. 1. Write a personal vision statementContinue reading “How To Positively Reframe Your Mind”

Beauty is Terror

When I was five years old, I believed that America was a beautiful place. Freedom and belief permeated the outdoors while the sun always shined, seemingly to bless us with its very presence. When I was younger, I had believed that America, with its very righteous and democratic thoughts, was the living definition of beauty.Continue reading “Beauty is Terror”

Positive Things That Happened in 2020

I think we can all agree that 2020 was undoubtedly a chaotic year, and we all just want to forget about it. This is especially because we are still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, which makes it difficult to think of anything good that happened last year. However, though it may not seem like it,Continue reading “Positive Things That Happened in 2020”

50 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2021

Keep a Mental Health Journal. Volunteer. Start eating breakfast. Shut off your screen 30 mins before you sleep and read a book. Set a regular exercise routine. Keep your workspace tidy. Maintain a healthy diet. Find a new hobby. Promise yourself an incentive to finish work so you won’t procrastinate. Combat your stress with quickContinue reading “50 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2021”

New Year, New You: How to Be the Best Version of Yourself in 2021

2020 has undoubtedly been a chaotic year for all of us. To be the best version of yourself in 2021, You’re Not Alone will initiate its “New Year, New Me” campaign from December 31 to January 4. These resources are to help you reach the best and most productive year yet. First, allow me toContinue reading “New Year, New You: How to Be the Best Version of Yourself in 2021”