TW: Eating Disorders and self-harm ideation  I want to preface this piece first by saying that I am okay. I am on a path to healing, and while it may not be linear, I am working on fostering a healthier relationship with food and my body. Reflecting back, quarantine has severely impacted the way IContinue reading “1200”

Misconceptions About Mental health: Myths vs Facts

The mental health community has long been plagued with false and harmful labels simply due to a lack of awareness and empathy; uneducated “truths” about mental health that were commonly believed as recently as the twentieth century don’t hold up as well today, and likely contributed to the overwhelmingly negative stigma around mental illnesses. Unfortunately,Continue reading “Misconceptions About Mental health: Myths vs Facts”

Summer Tips Unfiltered growing up gen z

Hey everyone! This was actually recorded before summer vacation (back in June), so please enjoy this belated take on our summer goals and time management. Though summer has ended, join us as co-hosts Gia, Karis, Ryan, Kayla, and Immanuella share their long-term planning and goal-setting tips: vital for a productive holiday and school year 🙂 Follow our Instagram, @gugzpodcast and You're Not Alone @urnotalone_org. A special thank you to Aloeveria for producing our intro & outro soundtrack! Follow your hosts on Instagram: @giashin_ @karisscho @klhrcn @immanuellaind @ryank11_. We hope you enjoy it!
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  4. Dealing with Insecurities – Immanuella
  5. Loneliness and No Friends with Gia