Content Warning: This piece includes themes of body image that may be triggering to some readers. mirror  you’ve been staring into the mirror reflections reducing you into a silhouette every refractive surface threatens  to consume your thoughts with images you don’t recognize who  you’ve been waiting for them to disappear tried to drown them outContinue reading “mirror”


TW: Eating Disorders and self-harm ideation  I want to preface this piece first by saying that I am okay. I am on a path to healing, and while it may not be linear, I am working on fostering a healthier relationship with food and my body. Reflecting back, quarantine has severely impacted the way IContinue reading “1200”

new season! summer recap & school year goals growing up gen z

Welcome to Season 2 of our podcast! We're back with a new set of co-hosts—Kei, Sammie, Wilson, and Gia—who are all excited to continue spreading positivity on this platform. Some more about us: Hi! My name is Kei, I’m a senior at Phillips Academy, and I’m from NY. I was born in Tokyo and have loved eating Japanese food ever since; my favorite is ramen. Also, I enjoy playing the violin, listening to any and all kinds of music, and watching sports with my friends. Hey! My name is Sammie and I’m currently a senior. I’m from Colorado, so I love skiing, snowboarding, skating, and pretty much any outdoor sport you could think of. Hey guys! My name is Wilson and I am a sophomore. I am from China and currently live in Canada. I love to make origami and listen to music in my free time. Hi everyone, I'm Gia and I'm excited to be back on this podcast! Like Kei, I enjoy playing the violin and listening to music. I also love to journal, dance, and play with my dog in my free time.  (Gia's mic is wonky in this episode but we promise things will only get better from here.) We hope you enjoy our episode!!
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