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The COVID-19 pandemic was a tumultuous time for the world: from Black Lives Matter protests to Anti-Asian hate crimes, our society has changed/evolved to reveal the injustices faced by marginalized communities. At the same time, the pandemic has allowed us more time to explore our interests and reflect upon what our place is in the world. With our overarching theme of identity, we encourage you to reflect on the external environment and relate it to your personal growth over the pandemic.

HOPE Humanities

HOPE was founded in 2019 by some ten students who share the same passion in humanities. Some of us attend boarding schools, others day; some are from the East Coast, some the West. While most of our published writings, photographs, and paintings were original content from our small team of creators, we hoped to receive submissions from students around the world.

Visual Arts Guidelines

  • You should identify your work as belonging to one of two categories.
  1. 2D Art, including but not limited to: painting, drawing, sketching, etching, digital art, collage, photography.
  2. 3D Art, including but not limited to: sculpture, installation.
  • No videos will be accepted; you must submit your work as one or more png or jpeg files. In addition, you should submit a short written statement of your artwork.
    • Include expository information, such as the actual size of your artwork and the material it is made of (if applicable). You may write 1~3 sentences stating your creative process or intention, but this is completely optional. This statement should be less than 100 words.
  • You should name your work like this: First Name – Last Name – 2D/3D Art – Work Title. You should name your written statement like this: First Name – Last Name – Written Statement for “Work Title.” 
  • Please do not include any form of identification in your work or your written statement.
    • For example, do not include your name, your school or your geographic location.
  • Other types of artwork will be refused as of right now. This policy may change in the future. If you want to submit art outside these two categories, please contact us!

Writing Guidelines

We recommend that all writers format their work according to the Standard Manuscript Format. Here’s how: Identification: Name your files like this: First Name – Last Name – Poetry/Prose

Due to blind judging procedures, please do not include your name and/or other identifying information in any other part of your document.

  • Word Count: 4,000 words for prose, 3 pages maximum for poetry (submit a file that contains up to 3 poems)
  • Fonts: Courier, Courier New, or Times New Roman; twelve-point
  • Line Spacing: Double-space for prose; for poetry, use a single space between individual lines, and double-spacing between stanzas
  • Margins: 1 inch on all four sides
  • Indentation: Indent new paragraphs and each new section of dialogue (if applicable)
  • Ending: Simply write The End at the end of the manuscript. This assures the reader that no pages are accidentally missing.
  • Cross or Hybrid Genre: Works like prose poetry can belong in either category. Please use your better judgment when you submit
  • Cover Letter: Include your name, pronouns, and current place of residence. Tell us about your work and what inspires your writing process in no more than five sentences. Apart from that, be creative. This is the first chance we shall get to know you; think of it as speed-meeting. No need to impress us with a long list of accolades — we like to experience your writing first-hand! The important thing is to let your voice shine through.

Happy writing and good luck submitting!


  • How has your identity shifted over the COVID-19 pandemic? To answer this, you should first think about what identity means to you.
  • Identity could be your sense of self. Think about how you’ve grown or changed since the beginning of the pandemic. What have you discovered about yourself?
    • For example, what is the most important thing/person/group to you before the pandemic? And after? How has it changed, or perhaps it didn’t change, but you came to understand it in another way?
  • Is there something you lost during the pandemic— a loved one, a sports season, a particular opportunity, that made you rethink yourself in some significant way?
  • Identity could be your mission in life. What is one formative experience in regards to your identity? How has that shifted your perspective? What is an external circumstance that shifted your perception of yourself and others around you?
  • Identity could be a strong belief. Has your faith been challenged?
  • Identity could be defined in relation to a community. How did you see your role in the community/society vs how do you see them right now? What does “Home” mean to you?
  • You may create and respond to your own prompt. Let yourself shine through!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the contest open to?

This contest is open to all individuals between the ages of 11 and 18. There will be a separate middle school and high school category.

What are the guidelines?

You can find more information on the guidelines here.

Who can I contact for questions?

You may contact