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We are an outlet to amplify the voices of teens across the world. Through art, writing, and other forms of creative expression, we promote awareness of the hardships of mental health and loneliness caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.



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“I felt very lonely and isolated during most of my early teen years. I never had the vocabulary to express how I felt, and I blamed my negative emotions on myself. I constantly looked down upon myself, and I felt very lost. However, writing was my outlet. From scribbling on tear-stained pages in my journal, I was able to find my voice and eventually produce national award-winning pieces. I felt like my voice was finally heard, my experiences finally validated.

I know that I’m not alone in feeling like this. 1 in 3 adolescents will meet the criteria for an anxiety disorder by 18 years old. Between 2007 and 2012, anxiety disorders in adolescents increased a shocking 20%. These numbers are only skyrocketing as we’re living through a global pandemic. I hope that this organization will provide a platform for your experiences to be validated. We will grow to not only better ourselves but also the collective of our generation.”

Gia Shin – Founder Of YNA

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A “Fire” Sonnet I Wrote Over FaceTime With You

If I could gaze at stars from me to you, The ones in your eyes would still shine brightest. You quench my throbbing heart like none can do; My tempests do not affect you in the slightest. If I could rub two stones together like A child, turning friction to combustion, I would burn a…

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All About Love Languages

How do you show love? Are you more physical and direct, or do you appreciate indirect love like random acts of kindness here and there? What do you need or think you will need from a partner? These ideas can be categorized through love languages, which are different ways of expressing and receiving love. Even…

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Self-Love? Let’s talk about it!

Everything started from these apps that help create new habits. It was formed as a challenge that you could do daily to develop a good mentality. It was fun and easy to use, so I decided to take up multiple challenges! One day, with Confident as the theme, I click on them. I simply wanted…

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